mixed men's ladies  
  Don Brace Cup  
1st Round   2nd Round   Semi-Final   Final    
Stamford   link                        
    Stamford (a) 8 link                
            Stamford (a) 3 link        
Chatteris 1 link                    
    Needingworth (h) 0              
Needingworth 7                      
                    St. Neots 3 link  
Buckden 6 link                    
    Buckden (h) 2 link            
Ramsey 2                  
            St. Neots (h) 4      
St. Neots 5 link                    
    St. Neots (a) 6              
Longthorpe 3                      
City of P'boro   link                      
    City of P'boro (a) 3 link              
            David Lloyd (h) 0 link      
David Lloyd wo link                  
    David Lloyd (h) 5            
Ketton -                    
                    Huntingdon 5  
Hemingfords wo link                      
    Hemingfords (h)   link              
Deeping -                    
            Huntingdon (a) 8        
Bye   link                      
    Huntingdon (a) wo                
To be played weekend of 12/13 May   To be played weekend of 23/24 June     To be played weekend of 28/29 July     Sunday 14th October at City of Peterborough club    

Don Brace Cup rules: Word version pdf version
To see a report fron the final and some pictures, click here.